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Whether Large Events Will be Safe This Year Depends on Security

As of writing, the current restrictions for events – outside of a limited number of government controlled trials – are 1,000 people in attendance (or 50% of a venue’s capacity, if lower) for indoor events and 4,000 people (or 50% of the site’s capacity, if lower) for outdoor events. What we are yet to experience during the pandemic are events with tens to hundreds of thousands of attendees which highlight the festival season. The current expectation is that all remaining […]

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How Security Guards Can Help the Hospitality Sector Recover

Even after the vaccine rollout has been completed and restrictions have been lifted, the hospitality industry is expected to have difficult months, even years, ahead as the wider tourism industry recovers from the devastating – and ongoing – impacts of the pandemic. At Magenta Security, we have been proud to protect various hotels, holiday parks and luxury retreats over the years, and we are currently helping our clients in the hospitality sector stay secure while they recover from lost business […]

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Protect Against Construction Site Theft in the Post-Pandemic Boom

Theft of building materials, tools and machinery costs the construction industry between £400-800 million per year, depending on which research and methodology we refer to. Either end is likely to be a low estimate as the studies only take reported crimes into account. Unfortunately, the recovery rate for stolen construction site equipment and materials is so low that much goes unreported. It’s also common. So common, in fact, that theft and vandalism are often simply considered inevitable costs of running […]

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Magenta Security’s Green New Deal: Electric Vehicles, Remote Work and Industry Change

In a time where it has been challenging to find reasons for optimism, our sustainability mission has been a source of pride and excitement. Here’s why Magenta Security will emerge from this pandemic a greener, more efficient and more committed company than ever before. Magenta Security’s vehicle fleet will be fully electric by 2025 For a company dedicated to reducing our impact on the natural world and global warming, electric vehicles were a source of frustration. We estimated that our […]

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There’s No Vaccine for the Mental Health Pandemic – How Will We Treat It?

With the vaccine rollout making a post-pandemic world feel tantalisingly close and restrictions gradually easing, there are finally reasons to feel hopeful in this ongoing pandemic. However, we must be cautious in our rush to return to normal, not just to prevent another spike in cases, but because we will be feeling the impact the pandemic had on our collective mental wellbeing for months, if not years, to come. Back to normal: exciting or overwhelming? After a year where no […]

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COVID-19: One Year Later, How Has Magenta Security Coped?

In the year since the COVID-19 virus first shut down life as we knew it, we at Magenta Security have kept our business running, our staff safe and our services consistent. This required proactive planning, swift action, complex logistics and, most importantly, commitment and bravery from our staff. While we may not be clear of this deadly virus yet, we wanted to look back on the past year now that recovery is on the horizon and restrictions on life and […]

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Upcoming Technology that will Change the Security Industry

In the 25 years that Magenta Security has been in business, technology has fundamentally changed how we protect the people and places in our care. Internet connected CCTV, NFC chips and the now taken-for-granted ability for a security guard to carry a smart device has made our services more secure and convenient than ever before. We have no reason to think the next 25 years will not be just as transformed by technology as the last. Here are the three […]

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Magenta Security Year in Review 2020: Positivity in the Pandemic

As we reflect on the past 12 months, it is hard to know where to begin and if it is even appropriate to take on a celebratory tone. But at Magenta Security, planning for the worst and hoping for the best is part of our profession, so we know the value of a silver lining in even the darkest times. Here are a few moments of positivity that we managed to enjoy amongst the pandemic. We celebrated our 25th year […]

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Facial Recognition: Powerful Security Tool or Danger to the Public?

Facial recognition technology has numerous harmless applications. You may use it every day to unlock your phone or gain access to secure areas. But facial recognition can also be used for surveillance purposes, a usage that has gathered plenty of excitement in the security industry and those who provide products to it. However, we should balance our excitement with caution. As with all surveillance, facial recognition must be used responsibly and with restraint to protect the privacy and rights of […]

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Winter Crime Surge is Back with a Lockdown Twist – is Your Business Ready?

Winter is here, which means it is time again to remind our readers that these next few months are when businesses are at the highest risk of vandalism and theft. Studies have shown seasonal surges of crime in winter, with a 22.8% increase in business robberies (The Office for National Statistics) and 35% more home insurance claims for burglary (Lloyds Bank) in the winter months. In addition, there is ample evidence that, historically, crime has increased in times of economic […]

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