Corporate Security Guards | Available 24/7 UK Wide | Magenta SecurityCorporate Security Guards | Available 24/7 UK Wide | Magenta Security

Corporate Security

To protect your people, property and assets

Looking for Professional Corporate Security?

In business, risks can be rewarded. In security, they can’t. Don’t expose your staff, assets and valuable information to unnecessary danger. Hire a fully trained, SIA licensed corporate security guard from Magenta Security to keep your business safe while you focus on its success.

At Magenta Security, we understand the importance of projecting a consistent corporate image. Thanks to our thorough vetting process that values both skill and personality, you can be assured that our corporate security guards will fit smoothly into the operation and character of your company while our award-winning customer service will go above and beyond to keep you as happy as you are secure.

How We Guarantee Peace of Mind

As with all our security guards, our corporate security guards carry an SIA license that we have individually verified, passed CRB checks, right to work checks and are full time Magenta Security employees – we never use self-employed or sub-contracted security guards in any sector, no matter how large or small the contract. You can be confident that any corporate security guard that we provide can be trusted no matter how valuable your assets or information.

Whether you need a security guard at reception or behind the scenes, full time or part time, our highly adaptable bespoke service and training will provide the perfect corporate security guard services for your risk level, budget and scale.

Corporate security guards can be combined with other services such as CCTV security or NFC patrol monitoring systems to further enhance your level of security, and any existing internet enabled equipment that you have on site – such as door controls or lighting systems – can be remotely connected to our 24/7 control room, rolling a complex network into one convenient and secure package.

Call Magenta Security now on 0800 772 3786 to book your free no-obligation risk assessment.

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