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Everything You Need to Know About Our Security Control Room

Our Security Control Room Runs 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year… When you and your staff go home for the night, you want to know that your premises and all your hard work is being looked after. That’s where our security control room comes in. Every one of our security guards, their equipment and the sites and systems they protect are being monitored 24/7 by the dedicated staff in our control room. It’s not […]

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Mobile Security Patrols: Pick ‘n’ Mix Protection

Most businesses have security needs, but not all need security 24/7. Whether your security requirements can be measured in minutes or hours, one officer or many, our mobile security patrols can scale up or down to give your business the protection it needs – no more, no less. There when you need us, gone when you don’t Instead of providing a security guard that’s at your site permanently, our mobile patrol officers are shared between a range of sites, moving […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Our World-Class Security Guards

We’re Sent Over a Dozen CVs a Day Let’s start this blog with appreciation for our personnel department, because they never get to take a break. Every day, a dozen or more CVs will pass through their desks as they go through the rigorous process of choosing who we bring into the Magenta team. The only legal requirement for someone to work as a security guard is to have an SIA license, but we go much further than that to […]

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Chubb Partners with Magenta

Chubb Emergency Response, a leading provider of security and fire safety solutions is partnering with Magenta Security, one of UK’s leading manned security companies to provide manned guarding services for businesses and industries nationwide. The partnership, which was announced recently, will allow Chubb Emergency Response to develop its manned guarding offering through the expertise and long standing knowledge of Magenta’s team. Magenta Security Services, managing director, Abbey Petkar said: “It is great news for Magenta Security, This partnership with Chubb […]

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What Makes a Great
Security Guard?

Security guards  are some of the most important people in society. They are responsible and selfless. They guard our people, property, and assets and put themselves in a harms way to ensure that we are safe as we go about doing our daily tasks. But what makes a great security guard? To be a great security guard involves having a strong commitment to care for people and society at large. Though security is often associated with being tough, dealing with […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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