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A Two-Tier ACS Would Solve the Security Industry’s Problems

A Two-Tier ACS Would Solve the Security Industry’s Problems – Why Won’t the SIA Implement It? In my conversations with clients, the Metropolitan Police and SO19, people are often shocked to learn that there is no mandatory regulation of security companies. Many believe – rightfully so – that the Security Industry Authority (SIA) governs the industry from top to bottom, when, in reality, it only governs around 20% of it. That’s right: the organisation that we all depend on to […]

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How the SBN is Changing the Security Industry for the Better

As you are well aware if you’ve been following my articles, the security industry isn’t where it needs to be. For a variety of reasons, there are startling vulnerabilities in the very services that businesses, the police and public expect to keep us all safe. To put it simply, our security industry isn’t as secure as it needs to be. But there is good news: I’m not the only person who recognises the need for change and is willing to […]

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The Security Industry Needs to be Cleaned Up, But Who’s Responsible?

I’ve worked in the security industry for over 30 years, going from employee to business owner in one of the country’s most vital industries, one that provides safety for millions of UK businesses, workers and members of the public. It’s because I’m so proud of this industry that I’m so dedicated to seeing it change. The recent Uber case has given me hope that one of its glaring holes – the exploitation of the self-employment grey area – may soon […]

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Tempted by £7.50 p/h Security? Warning: You Get What You Pay For

In April, the government introduced a new minimum wage of £7.20 per hour. This wasn’t much of an issue for us, as we already provided that level of pay or even greater for our staff, but it did mean renegotiating some historic contracts to bring them in line. Such negotiations were happening across the country between reputable security companies and their clients. But for the rogue operators, who I’ve written about extensively in the past, this provided an opportunity. When […]

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How Rogue Security Companies Put Your Business in Danger

I started Magenta Security to provide a better service than that was on the market. In the 20 years since then my business has grown and so have my goals. I no longer just want to make Magenta better, I want to improve this entire industry. Unfortunately, the security industry has a stain on it that doesn’t seem to budge. You may know that, luckily, security guards need to have a license to work in the UK. But you probably […]

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Why I Started a Security Company and What You Can Expect

When I decided to start a blog, I was excited. In the 20 years I’ve been running Magenta Security, I believe I’ve created something truly special: a security company that leads the industry on multiple fronts and – as anyone who knows me can attest – I love to talk about this industry. But when I actually sat down and started writing, I didn’t know where to begin. So I asked myself, what’s at the heart of what I do? […]

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Magenta Security Condemns Zero Hours Contracts in the Security Industry

The use of zero hours contracts in the security industry has been condemned by Hounslow based Magenta Security. The subject of zero-hours contracts was a widely discussed topic in the recent UK General Election with Prime Minister David Cameron claiming there would be legislation to protect workers on these contracts. This legislation has since been described as ‘toothless’ by employment lawyers. Zero-hours contracts, or casual contracts, allow employers to hire staff with no guarantee of work. This effectively means employees […]

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