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We’ll Do (Almost) Anything For You

“All Things for All People, Everywhere.” That’s the motto of Harrods, the department store that became famous for its ability to provide whatever its customers asked for, no matter how bizarre. The days of being able to buy baby elephants and lions from them may be long gone, but I still find their anything-for-the-customer attitude inspiring. That’s why at Magenta we’ll do (almost) anything for you. Magenta’s is not going to start selling perfumes and diamond encrusted dog jackets, but […]

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Company Profiles are a Cornerstone of Customer Service

Our customer orientation and dedication to customer service is well documented but what are the ways businesses can begin to approach it? There are numerous ways but the key is to bring the customer into the decision making process and integrate them with the service offering. This is the approach Magenta takes through comprehensive documents called ‘Assignment Instructions’. These are company profiles that include the key features and security requirements of that business. They are put together with the cooperation […]

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Why Magenta Security Adopts a Customer Oriented Ethos

Magenta Security was established to provide high quality, bespoke staffed security services to demanding and discerning customers throughout the UK. As a security supplier to some of the country’s most well known companies, customer care is at the centre of our business strategy. We have highlighted in previous blog entries how we look to nurture long term relationships with our customers to better understand their security needs, go above and beyond the call of duty and offer additional services such […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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