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Security Is Not A Comedy

Personally, I find all too often, films and TV programmes portray security guards in an unflattering light. The latest example is the BBC’s comedy series The Royal Bodyguard. The series follows Captain Guy Hubble who is promoted from head of Buckingham Palace car park security and put in charge of Royal security. I believe it depicts the role of a security guard negatively as the lead role is shown to be totally out of his depth. The programme has been […]

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Magenta Sees 30% Increase in Business

Magenta Security, one of the leading security providers in the UK has seen a 30% increase in business. Magenta is one of the fastest growing security guarding companies in the UK and has won a number of high profile contracts including UK representation for global security giant Apollo Security in 2011. Following the announcement of these contract wins, Magenta has seen increased interest in the services it offers. This interest has been accredited to Magenta’s commitment to quality, customer service […]

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Are We Ready for the
Biggest Show on Earth?

There is less than six months to go before one of the greatest shows comes to the UK, the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. The big questions is, are we ready? I’ve raised the issue of security at the Olympics in previous blogs. But it’s an important topic because the Olympics is one of the biggest security tests the UK has ever been faced with. Thousands of athletes and millions of visitors will descend on London, and other venues […]

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Quality in, Quality out.

Whatever industry you work in, it is essential to continually provide products and services of the highest quality, and to look for ways to improve. Quality is a continual process that evolves over time and with experience. As one of the fastest growing private security companies in the UK, Magenta Security prides itself on the quality of services it offers. We achieve quality by offering tailor-made security packages which meet client’s individual requirements and this is backed up by a […]

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Do Olympic Organisers Have the
Right Approach to Security?

One of the biggest challenges facing organisers of London 2012 is to secure the city against security threats and disturbances. That’s quite a feat as hundreds of thousands of people will be visiting London to watch the spectacular. The threat to their security is very real and needs careful consideration. To tackle the issue, organisers have launched a new programme aimed at ensuring the event stays safe for visitors and to introduce students to careers in the security sector. As […]

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The Cost of Policing

The recent student protest in central London raised fears that the city would once again come under siege and that security would be threatened. After the violent scenes that accompanied a series of student protests this time last year and following the widespread riots in August, there was a heavy police presence with more than 4,000 officers on duty. But unlike the previous student demonstrations, when an office block was invaded and thousands of pounds of damaged was caused to […]

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Is Collaboration the Future of the Industry?

International collaboration and co-ordination between security agencies have been around since the early 20th century. The most famously known of course, is the International Criminal Police Organization, better known as INTERPOL, which was established in 1923. Other forms of security collaboration that exist between states involve intelligence sharing and intergovernmental military alliances like NATO which is based on collective defence of its members. However, in the realm of the private security industry, this trend is relatively new. As big private […]

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Lessons Learned
Ten Years on From 9/11

As we commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it’s worth looking at how the dynamic of global security has changed in the past decade. The devastating attacks on the US, and subsequent terror attacks over the years in London, Madrid, Bali, India, Pakistan and Norway, show that despite channelling massive resources towards securing cities against terrorism, the scourge of society continue to threaten ordinary citizens. This raises concerns about public safety. Unlike a conventional war, terror groups reside amongst us […]

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The Riots Didn’t Come
Without Warning

The recent riots around UK didn’t come without warning or prediction. In a survey of our customers, contacts and prospects, 53% cited theft as the greatest security threat to their business. In most cases fear of property theft was higher than the fear of Intellectual Property (IP) theft, which was only mentioned by 2% of respondents. Anti-social behaviour was rated as the second biggest threat to businesses. Businesses surveyed included retailers, local authorities, recreational facilities and commercial buildings – the […]

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CCTV Cannot Be A
Local Policeman

There has been a lot of debate about how the Protection of Freedom bill will work. My particular concern is in regard to the CCTV usage. Reports over the years have suggested that Britain is probably one of the most watched nations on earth, making it, what many call a ‘surveillance society.’ There are up to 4.2 million CCTV local cameras operating in Britain – about one for every 14 people. The average Briton finds himself captured on CCTV footage roughly […]

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