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Smile! With CCTV Monitoring, We’re Always Watching

Modern CCTV monitoring systems have revolutionised security. Internet connectivity allows cameras to be accessed from anywhere in the world, while digital video and ample storage space allows footage to be kept as long as you need it. Whether it’s used for intercepting threats or providing evidence in court, CCTV is an essential part of keeping our businesses and public spaces safe. But even the most high-tech CCTV system is a waste of money if the right people aren’t monitoring it, […]

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The Technology Every CCTV System Needs

We’ve come a long way from sliding tapes in and out of our CCTV systems and keeping a giant cabinet full of recordings – at least, most of us have. Many businesses out there are still using a CCTV system that’s old enough to vote, skipping revolutionary advances in how they can protect their premises. DVR Let’s start with DVR (digital video recording). This is the most essential upgrade you can make to your CCTV if you haven’t already, and […]

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Security Guards Too Expensive? CCTV is the Next Best Thing

Manned security is what Magenta’s reputation has been built on, but we also provide CCTV security for people who want the peace of mind of having their premises protected 24/7 but can’t justify the expense of a security guard. I’ll save the suspense, since the title gave it away: I’m talking about CCTV. You probably know the basics of CCTV and why it’s such a popular security service – perhaps you have a system already installed – but many businesses […]

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CCTV Can’t Replace Traditional Security Measures

Britain already has far more watchful eyes trained on its population than other countries. And new research suggests that public support for CCTV surveillance has grown following the riots which hit the UK this summer. The majority of those asked (76%) said they felt safer in an area where CCTV was in operation and 62% wanted to see more CCTV in their local community. Footage from CCTV can certainly help in the fight against crime and disorder, and it played […]

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CCTV on Mobile Devices

Ensuring members of the public remain safe at large sporting events is the culmination of an integrated security approach. While people might be reassured to see security staff on the ground, excessive use of guarding personnel might not always be comforting. It can undermine people’s confidence and can create psychological insecurity. This is where CCTV comes in. Technology is one tool which can help security staff on the ground, and its use can deter trouble makers if they know they […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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