Month: January 2016

How Diversity and Fluidity Gives You Better Service

Last week, I shared the story of why I founded Magenta Security. I revealed that, unfortunately, what pushed me to start my own business was that my abilities were less important to my employers than the colour of my skin. Though those experiences made me the man I am today, I would never wish them on anyone. While the discrimination I faced motivated me to quit my job and start my own security company, other people in the same situation […]

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Why I Quit My Job and Founded Magenta Security

My career started about 30 years ago, working for a major security company. It was a fairly well paid job and I was good at it yet, no matter how hard I tried, senior positions never opened up for me. After years of being slapped in the face, it was clear that it wasn’t my skill or effort holding me back, it was the colour of my skin. That’s when I decided to go out on my own and start […]

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Weak Licensing is Hurting Customers, Guards and the Whole Industry

I’m starting 2016 with a clear message: the security industry needs full business licensing. It was my message last year, and the year before that, and the year before. Back in 2012, I was heartbroken at the number of rogue security companies who set up to profit from the Olympics, only to leave the country with pockets full of cash and a string of unpaid guards behind them. I would like to say that such criminal behaviour wouldn’t be possible […]

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Web based CCTV Remote Monitoring

New service - from as little as £1 per camera

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